EDP Sciences is an international, academic publisher which was established in 1920 by a prestigious academic community of French learned societies seeking to inspire, innovate and inform others by sharing their knowledge. Members of this community included eminent scientists like Marie Curie, Paul Langevin and Louis de Broglie whose work can still be enjoyed in our archives.

Today, EDP Sciences publishes high-quality scientific journals, conferences proceeding, books and magazines in a broad range of scientific, technical and medical disciplines. It is very involved in open access and open science.

Astronomy & Astrophysics

A sample cover of the A&A journal featuring an artist's view of the Planck satellite and the Cosmic Microwave Background

Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A) is one of the leading original research journals publishing worldwide astronomical and astrophysical research. As the journal of The European Southern Observatory (ESO) and with over 50 years of publishing excellence, A&A is at the forefront of this field.

Highlights include:

  • Special Issues such as Planck 2018 results and The Solar Orbiter mission report important results and are highly valued
  • Green open access policy allows self-archiving
  • Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers (SWYA) workshops nurture the next generation
  • Owned by an international, not-for-profit Board of Directors who are leading, indeed Nobel Prize winning, astronomers and astrophysicists

“EDP Sciences cooperates closely with librarians in pursuit of collaborative publishing solutions that best serve the scientific communities. It is a pleasure to exchange ideas with them regarding developments in scholarly publishing.” - Uta Grothkopf, Head Librarian, European Southern Observatory

Visit the A&A website or browse the leaflet.


 Journal de Physique – our flagship digital archive

JDP Image

The prestigious Journal de Physique boasts some of the highest quality legacy research in physics. It is a rich, cost-effective e-resource which enables access to Nobel-winning research.

  • Marie Curie, Max Planck, Ernest Rutherford, Alfred Kastler… Rich, pioneering science from Nobel Prize laureates and other pre-eminent physicists who remain influential
  • Unique content from 1872 to 1997
  • Easy digital access to more than 300,000 pages in over 49,500 articles
  • English and French content digitised to the highest quality
  • Available by subscription or outright purchase

Special offer and more information available on the archives website.

Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate


“The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate was created by the space weather community and holds a special place at the heart of that community.”
– Anna Belehaki and Jean Lilensten (Editors-in-Chief).

Established in 2010, JSWSC is an international, Gold Open Access journal which was recently awarded the DOAJ Seal for “best practice in open access publishing”. It emerged from a European space weather community effort, but the Editorial Board was soon expanded to include experts from other continents. JSWSC is a champion of open science and benefits from strong support by the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence (STCE).

Visit the JSWSC website.



EDP Sciences publishes a range of books in astronomy and astrophysics in both print and electronic formats. Examples include:

  • The Exoplanets Revolution by James Lequeux, Thérèse Encrenaz and Fabienne Casoli
  • Hippolyte Fizeau by James Lequeux

The full range of books includes monographs at Masters' level or higher, undergraduate teaching texts, professional works and popular science books.


EPJ Web of Conferences

EPJ Web of Conferences is an Open Access publication series dedicated to archiving conference proceedings in physics, astronomy and related sciences.

EPJ Web of Conferences is one of the European Physical Journal (EPJ) series of peer-reviewed journals covering the whole spectrum of physics and related interdisciplinary subjects.

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