The Scientific Organising Committee has announced the postponement of the conference until further notice. Please see the announcement on the home page.

The call for papers closed on 27 January 2020. Papers at the conference will cover the following topics:

Research Data Management and Software

•        Research Data Management: Role for libraries

•        Training to become a data librarian

•        Data Services for the management of Big Data, Open Data, and Research Data Curation

•        Data Citation


•        Altmetrics

•        Metrics based on ADS

•        Evaluation Tools and Indicators

•        Web-based metrics

•        Visibility and Impact

•        Data Science and Digital Repositories


The Future of Librarianship

•        New roles for librarians

•        Future of scholarly communication

•        Ebooks and E-journals 

•        Virtual and e-only libraries


Open Science: From Strategy to Action

•        Open science practices

•        Open science education and science communication to the public 

•        Educating users about Open Science

•        Framework for Open Science Tools


Open Access

•        Open Access and Open Access Publishing

•        Open source code 

•        Pre-prints in Green Open Access repositories 

•        Science Blogs 

•        Citizen Science: Institutional support for CS projects.

•        Are we ready for Plan S? Is Plan S appropriate for Astronomy?

•        Evolution of research evaluation ‘DORA’ and other initiatives


Astronomical Heritage

•        Archives

•        Science and Culture 

•        Preservation and Digitization of Astronomical Data

•        Data Intensive and Digital Science – Curation and Preservation of Datasets and Experimental Protocol


 Tools, Techniques, and Skills

•        Academic Integrity and the role of libraries

•        Role of astronomy librarians in classroom instruction


For any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Line Nybakk Akerholt, Nirupama Bawdekar

Co-chairs, LISA IX SOC


Line Nybakk Akerholt                     Nirupama Bawdekar

The University of Oslo, Norway      IUCAA, Pune, India

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Line Nybakk Akerholt (Norway), co-chair

Nirupama Bawdekar (India), co-chair

Alberto Accomazzi (USA)

Daina Bouquin (USA)

Antonella Gasperini (Italy)

Monique Gomez (Spain)

Andras Holl (Hungary)

Eva Isaksson (Finland)

Barbara Kern (USA) 

Soizick Lesteven (France)

R. Prabakaran (India) 

Sian Prosser (UK), LOC chair

Henrik Spoon (USA)